Configuring Amazon Glacier

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  1. Delete. Delete the compressed file(s) after being uploaded (*)
  2. Credentials. It is required configure the "Access Key ID" and the "Secret Access Key"
  3. Vault and path options. Set the "Vault name", also if the vault does not exists it is possible create it selecting the option "Create vault if not exist" and the "Vault region". The vault name should contain letters, numbers, underscore, hyphen and period
  4. HTTP Proxy. Here has to specify the address, port, user name and password
  5. Advance options
    1. Buffer size: Gets and Sets the BufferSize property. The BufferSize controls the buffer used to read in from input streams and write out to the request
    2. Upload threads: This property determines how many active threads will be used to upload the backup file(s)
    3. Multipart upload part size (MB): The size of the part to be uploaded
    4. Timeout to upload the files (minutes): The maximum time to upload the backup file(s)
  6. Test the configuration

(*) If by any chance the backup could not be uploaded, then it will not be deleted. It's mandatory select the option compress file to be able to upload the backup, otherwise the upload will be ignored.