Configuring Google Cloud Storage

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  1. Delete. Delete the compressed file(s) after being uploaded (*)
  2. Email and authorize (^): Type your email and click the "Authorize" button to start the procedure of validation
  3. Folder path: Set the "Folder path", also if the directory does not exists it is possible create it selecting the option "Create folder if not exists"
  4. Test the configuration

(*) If by any chance the backup could not be uploaded, then it will not be deleted. It's mandatory select the option compress file to be able to upload the backup, otherwise the upload will be ignored.

(^) It's recommended use IE. Some users reported that before start the Authorization process, they had to do a Sign Out first from their Google Account. If you previously authorize SQLServerBooster in your Google Cloud Storage ®, proceed to Deauthorize and start the process again (following these instructions).