Common doubts

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Why is it free of charge?

A couple years ago, I found myself in need of an application that could do backups of my client's databases, compress them and automatically send them through FTP. Some of my clients only have Express version and those capabilities are not available in it.

Searching the Internet I found a couple applications that have these capabilities but they were either too expensive (at least to my clients budget!) or the less expensive ones were command based that could make partially what I needed. So I decided to create my own application to satisfy my necessities. I started with something simple, but as I worked in the program, I realized that it would be great if it could perform more tasks, considering that other users could have the same problem I had. That is how I decided to create a more robust application.

Why and how to donate?

I have put a lot of my spare time working on this tool, as well as some personal fundings to buy software licenses (databases, operating systems, .Net components) to develop it. Furthermore, I’m very enthusiastic in developing new features and support new versions of databases and OS. So it would be nice if you collaborate to make this happen. Finally, with your donations you will be collaborating with charities in my country Guatemala.

Who do you help with your donations?

In Guatemala, the elder population has very little or almost none attention from public institutions, most of them, when family members are unable to support them, end up in the streets asking for money. My grandfather is an elder man who needs special assistance and has our family support, but not all people is so lucky, this is what opened my eyes to this necessity in my country. This situation has opened my eyes about the wonderful job institutions like Cabecitas de Algodón and SENILIA do to give elder women and men dignity, comfort, and respect through the end of their lives. I have no personal relationships with the staff of neither one of these institutions, the donations that will be given are charity.


If you have any suggestions or improvements or just want say something, contact me